Issue 2 - November 2023

I want my LTV!

We are pleased to introduce our Luxifer visual media conglomerate, LTV. Every now and then our plan is to capture in living color interesting sides of the endeavors of Luxifer and other Luxembourgish musical ensembles.

To get the ball rocking and rolling John and Stefan sat down with the talented lead guitarist of Serpent Bite, Mr. Kevin Misci, in a segment titled “Rockers in Bowling Alleys getting Beer”. Find out about the musical journey of Kevin and Serpent Bite, their run-in with the Luxembourgish “Korma Police” and how a childhood vampire fantasy is coming alive!

Luxifer, Serpent Bite and Horny Henry are joining forces in a Jingle Hell Concert on 25th of November at Rocas.

European Resurrection

Representing Luxembourg in its return to Eurovision next year will be dutifully carried out by another artist, as Luxifer got a polite ‘Thanks but no thanks’ on its submission. On the upside, we are therefore seizing the day and releasing one of our rejected candidates, “European Resurrection”, on the 1st of December on a streaming platform near you. So no voting required, and the 12 points go to all that check it out and have a listen.