Issue 1 - October 2023

Game on for the Eurovision preselection

Luxembourg announced its return to the Eurovision song contest after 30 years on the sidelines and RTL media put out an open call for song contributions. Luxifer has answered that call with two submissions, a power-ballad called "I'm Back" and a pop-punk energy bunny named "European Resurrection". Drum recording sessions took place at Punkat Music Studios in September and Mr. Punkat himself, Tansel Günay, engineered and mixed with us the Luxifer contributions.

A national pre-qualifying competition is planned for January 2024 and RTL has reported that 459 songs were submitted, so we keep our fingers crossed and hope Luxifer slips through the eye of the needle to raise some hell in that MF. You can read more about the Luxembourgish national competition here.

Back in Black Stuff

Luxifer returned on 16th of September to one of its favorite venues (and watering holes for that matter), The Black Stuff. Rejuvenated from a short summer recess, there was an undeniable hunger in the camp for hitting the stage again and blasting through the hard rocking catalog.

Being the only band on the bill that night, Luxifer made the most of the occasion with a blowout show, featuring old and new stunts and pyrotechnics during the 80 minute set. For Luxifans that have seen the live action before, the amount of theatrics, attitude, energy, stunts, shenanigans and friskiness came as no surprise, while devoted Luxifans that have yet to catch the live show will certainly have something to look forward to, as this madhouse is only getting crazier.